International Journal of HIV and AIDS Research

Online ISSN: 2664-9918
Print ISSN: 2664-990X

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2019)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Problematic of voluntary HIV/AIDS Testing of military living in Kisangani City, DR Congo
Joseph Désiré Oleko Wa Oleko, Dynamo R Kasongo, Chantal N Zingabako, Cyrille D Okundji, Jean Pauli E MB, Puis T Mpiana
Pages: 08-13  |  298 Views  122 Downloads
Review on polypharmacy in HIV drugs
GVKS Abhinav, T Maneetha, G Nandini, VVSSNSL Divya gayatri, Dr. Naga Subrahmanyam S
Pages: 14-15  |  298 Views  102 Downloads
HIV related risk behaviour and prevalence of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users in India: A district-wise analysis
Sharma S, Vishwakarma D
Pages: 16-24  |  271 Views  83 Downloads
Correlation between sequencing results on plasma and on dried blood Spot for the determination of non-B subtypes of HIV Type 1 in N’djamena, chad: About 30 samples
Chatté Adawaye, Erick Ntambwe Kamangu, Abdelrazzack Adoum Fouda, Abdelsalam Adoum Doutoum, Fabrice Susin, Dolores Vaira, Abdelsalam Tidjani, Michel Moutschen
Pages: 25-29  |  295 Views  125 Downloads
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